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Welcome to the official website of the Indiana State Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ISRBA). 

Our association was established to:
  • promote, encourage, and aid in the development of the rabbit industry;
  • protect the interest of the breeders
  • establish a well organized central body with the duties of carrying out the objectives to provide a center of information and advice pertaining to the Indiana rabbit industry
  • promote the welfare of its members to advance and protect the interest of the Association
  • further the development of the rabbit industry within the State of Indiana
  • endeavor to obtain legislative and financial assistance from the State in holding exhibitions
  • assist all prospective rabbit breeders in the promotion of the rabbit industry.

ISRBA invites you to look through all the website information, there is something for everyone interested in rabbits, rabbit shows, or the ISRBA.

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